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On-Point will be a presenter and will run a workshop on Change Management at the IE Group IBP Innovation conference in Atlanta 30 March 2011. See the conference overview at

On-Point Group (OPG)recently presented a Workshop on advanced S&OP implementation and education at the IE Group's conference "Sales and Operations Planning Summit" in Las Vegas

Integrated Business Planning is a core competency of OPG. Our IBP work has been successfully completed for global manufacturing companies in consumer products, commercial products, heavy industrials and in medical technology.

The keys to successful integration are to follow a simple three phased approach to the cultural change required in IBP.
  • Creating a vision
  • Developing Behavioral Change mechanics
  • Designing collaborative processes

OPG's implementation tool set will be a significant value to your implementation team by providing practical "how to" methods and proven analytical support techniques.

For an in-depth discussion contact Bob Burrows at

See our case study on Goodyear for some additional insights.


OPG offers leading edge educational tools in advanced S&OP processes. Our educational materials are available in On-Line virtual workshops and in In-Person live workshop form. The introductory course described on the S&OP education page has proven to be a useful tool in proving the need for demand-driven S&OP among people from functional areas outside Supply Chain Management and for non-S&OP professionals.


OPG has implemented and helped to enhance demand-driven S&OP in many companies, including several large Global manufacturers and many US manufacturers. The task of becoming demand-driven is seemingly a daunting one. In the end, it is more counter-intuitive than difficult to accomplish.

Our process design tools will "fast track" your journey. Our insights into advanced market-savvy S&OP will significantly improve the robustness of your process design.

Two major groups of processes are required to fully implement
  • Demand-driven S&OP processes at the senior management level
  • Rate-based Planning processes at the day-to-day operational level

Implementation should take about 6 months for each business unit within an enterprise. Often, companies actually take years and go through many fits and re-starts. OPG's approach is to adopt a well-defined and disciplined implementation management process to manage the SIX DRIVER's of the transformation to becoming demand-driven.

This section describes:
  • Six Drivers of the Demand-driven Transformation
  • Change Management Process
  • Transition Planning

Becoming Demand Driven

Becoming Demand-driven generates significant benefits. The several firms we have worked with have experienced two key improvements;

  • Increased Market Share
  • Free Cash Flow generation

Being demand-driven is more easily understood by what it is not. It is not

  • implementing an ERP system
  • having a POS system
  • Doing VMI with some customers

Demand-driven enterprises have a strong Customer-centric culture throughout the organization from senior management to fork truck drivers.

Implementing Your Strategy

Demand-driven S&OP implements your business strategy. Inside this market-savvy form of S&OP, the operational strategies including the Value Proposition and the Go To Market strategy, are formed and implemented.

Properly segmenting the market into Value Segments will greatly enhance operational strategy formation and implementation. Our Value Segmentation approach is introduced in our "Introductory Course to Demand -driven S&OP Implementation".

Contact to receive a copy of the on-line course.